Exhibition Design

Make sure your business stands out at your expo or event, for when trestle tables and table clothes are no longer suitable, up your exhibition game by using some of our specialist exhibition display systems. We provide Versa-lite exhibition stands fully loaded and installed for your convenience. We provide comprehensive exhibition design services that include the design and development of your stand or exhibition products, the installation of the stand into your exhibition space and also the taking down of the stand once you have left the event.

Exhibition Design

Exhibition Design Process

Research & Development

We can work with you and your business to help bring the brand into your space, the ultimate way to show your staff and clients just how considered your brand is and how established you are. We will work with you to develop more than a logo, but a visual language that will help the space speak of the brand.


Once the concept of your visual language has been agreed, we can then push it past the boundaries of your space and begin to build on public awareness of your brand outside of your advertising regime. Vehicle Graphics, Signage, Sponsorship and billboards, your brand can be pushed further than you have ever thought.

Installation & Takedown

Help improve your online presence with online branding, make sure that wherever your business or service appears online that it is on brand, and is representing your brand in the best possible light. We can help tailor social media, associate sites and even email signatures so that when done correctly show the public that your brand is strong and is growing.

Media Gallery


We will take your brand, wherever it is situated and work with the client to organise what the business would like to achieve and create a plan using branding to help achieve those targets. Don't cut corners with your brand and give it the attention that it needs.

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