Logo Design

The corner stone of any brand, the ultimate question of what to leave behind to convey your message after your no longer there to spread it yourself. We offer a comprehensive logo design service that is bespoke to each client.

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The Design Process


Design wouldn't be design without proper consideration for what is the good, the bad & the ugly for that chosen project. We make sure we know what makes a bad logo, and we know even more about what makes an epic logo so that you don't have to.

Idea Generation

Once we have taken into consideration the good, the bad and the ugly we can proceed to the next part of the journey which is idea generation. We will sketch, stamp and vector multiple ideas and put them together for your consideration.


The client will have three opportunities to have designs sent to them and give their feedback so that by the time we have exchanged the project you will get exactly what it is you need from the design process. The client is the most important aspect of the design process.


The Cardiff Graphic Designer pride ourselves on our customer service. Client is king and we wouldn't have it any other way. We make sure you are a crucial element of the design process so that we can ensure complete customer satisfaction

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