The Art of Brand Story Telling


Stories have made the world go round since the beginning of time. They help us to connect with those around us, build emotions and empathize. To truly engage your audience in business, it is important that you are able to craft creative brand stories through your design and marketing strategies. This goes far beyond sales-driven content. This is about delving into the subconscious of consumers and leaving your mark.

The shift towards brand storytelling has been taking place across the board for both B2B and B2C markets, largely driven by the fact that the digital world is requiring brands to use increased creativity to fight for attention amongst the noise.

Brands are also waking up to the fact that customers are human beings that buy on emotion. Putting the sale second doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t happen. In fact, it can increase the chances of broadening your audience and gaining sales leads.

The art of brand storytelling is about finding a way of resonating with your audience. If you can’t or aren’t doing this, then you have to ask yourself what it is that you’re trying to achieve. Without a valuable and cohesive story, you will be failing to reach out to your audience and could be impacting upon your potential success.

It’s important that you are showing your audience why you are in business and what the inspirations are behind your product or services. Additionally, it is valuable to show them that your brand is a living, breathing company being run by real people who can help when problems arise or share in positive stories being shared. It takes skill and creativity to do this well, along with a deep understanding of what your customer is looking for.

A powerful brand story can also help your staff get behind your company, and build in their loyalty. When they feel strongly about what they’re doing and why, and they understand the motivations, this will help them work more productively and cohesively. It will help them sell your story to customers. This can help you get better results in both the short-term and the long-run.

Key things to consider

One of the most crucial aspects of brand storytelling is putting what you’re doing into some kind of context for your audience. They need to understand how your brand is positioned within the marketplace, and how it compares to other similar companies that they’re familiar with.

This includes things such as what the company culture is, who the key characters are, what the motivations are, and what sort of environment you’re operating in.

Innocent drinks are particularly great at crafting a brand story in which their company culture is very tongue-in-cheek, creative and fun. They often tap into topical events to share their ethos and inadvertently talk about their products. Virgin are also particularly good at crafting out their brand story, with much of it built around Richard Branson – but also with their witty one-liners and puns.

When thinking about the context of your brand story, it is important to consider who you are and what defines you. Similarly, where are you headed, and what do you believe in? Who or what is part of your vision, and how does this affect your brand? What is your place in the world?

It’s also important to think about the problems that your customer faces. In their world, and in your brand story, you need to be the hero against the struggles they’re dealing with. For it to resonate with them, you need to have a clear understanding of what these issues are.

This will come through listening to customers and gathering anecdotes, reading their reviews, and checking forums or social media. It will require you to understand how they have arrived at this impression, and what they want to see changed. Through story-telling and connecting to these emotions (negative and positive), you are in a position to start changing people’s perceptions and gain their interest in what you do.

Finally, it’s important that your brand storytelling helps your customers see how you are the answer they’ve been looking for. Your narrative needs to be strong, clear and decisive, showing how you offer an experience, service or product that no one else does, and why you are the company to buy from. It requires you to stand out from the crowd and distinguish yourself from any competitors. This is the final chapter of your story, so it needs to feel like a grand finale.

If you need assistance in giving your business the attention it deserves through clever branding and want to tell the world about your brand through the use of creative storytelling then our graphic designers will provide you with innovation, creativity, boldness and quality. Once you are happy with how your brand comes across to your target market we can discuss your web design requirements and help you begin your domination of the digital world.

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Responsive Web Design Cardiff

What does that even mean I hear you ask, it’s when you optimize a website so that it responds to any changes in resolution. I’m sure you’ve all used a website perfectly on a desktop, but have had all sort of issues when you then try and use it in your mobile device. Perfectly optimized content is crucial in modern web design, if your website is not mobile friendly, which is now the preferred method for finding businesses online.

Why Us

Web Design, Cardiff Web Design, Responsive Web DesignWe know what users want, and we integrate our knowledge of the internet and internet marketing into your site, ensuring that user experience is designed throughout. Our web design process include all of this outside the box thinking and allow us to achieve better results with our websites, the client gets far more than a website at The Cardiff Graphic Designer. We provide a comprehensive consultation and implementation service, our clients tend to want sophisticated components on their website builds, and these things can take time, so we will put together a schedule and break up the development to meet the clients needs.

What Do We Do

Our web design as mentioned is a comprehensive service, we take into consideration your competition, branding, market position and goals into account before we create our wireframes. Clients are often worried about the final outcome over their site because they can often be expensive, however we don’t code anything until the client has approve the wireframes we create, so you get to decide what goes where. We then build and refine the website before having a mid point design meeting with the client. Having passed quality control your website would have been vigorously tested to ensure any responsive issues have been overcome and give the end user the same quality of experience from the web design as the desktop version would.

In this article, we examine six reasons why responsive web design is important to any business:

Be Memorable

You may have a decent desktop website, put if that webpage doesn’t re-size to fit mobile or tablet screen resolutions then you are excluding 70% of your potential client reach. We don’t only search for businesses or services via computer, we are using smartphones more and more to locate services in our local area, if your site isn’t mobile friendly it wont be visible to mobile users.

Make It Responsive

Have one of our designers optimize your web design for desktop, tablet and smartphone resolutions. Responsive websites are essential and I would advise against any web design project that isn’t responsive. All of our web designers in Cardiff are fully qualified web designers and have several years experience in the web design industry. Contact our studio today to discuss your web design project.

Need To Edit Your Site

If your business is worried about making future amendments to your site without the need to hire a web developer or designer to make these changes for them. We can provide you with your own back-end access via a CMS system to allow you to go in and make minor changes such as, upload products, amend text or headings and amend photographs throughout the website. We use this tool to add more value to our web design packages, and to give the client a better experience once they have taken reciept of their web design.

Choosing The Right Web Designer

Choosing the right web designer is just as important as choosing the right layout for your taste. You need to find the designer that meet yours needs and not the other way around, the simpler and better explained a web design project is typically the greater understanding that designer has of you and web design. Making sure your web designer in Cardiff has the correct experience is crucial.

  1. If your web designer can’t design you a professional logo/identity then why would you trust them with the design of something far more complicated ?
  2. How many web sites have they designed and what kind of feedback have you had from those clients
  3. Check out their testimonials
  4. What qualifications do they have ?
  5. How good is their communication, how quickly can I expect a response to my requirements ?

Why Us

We are a Cardiff web design studio based in Old St Mellons, Cardiff. We have several experienced design and development employees so wether it needs designing or it needs developing we’ve got it covered. No matter how big or small your web design project is or wether you require, basic, medium or an e-commerce website we have it covered and we have the portfolio of experience to prove it. Web Design doesn’t have to be boring, we make the most of every project and often we are more excited than the client to start their projects. So if its experience, passion and depth you’re looking for The Cardiff Graphic Designer have you covered.

Our design in High-End, we provide nothing less than pixel perfect, eye catching and engaging graphics for both our print and web design projects. We have an excellent understanding or current trends and styles and we can easily integrate our forward thinking into your design process. We make sure that the whole web design project is seamless and more importantly enjoyable, you’ll enjoy your time with us at the studio, and our Head Creative is quite the barrista!




E-commerce websites are obviously at the higher end of web design as these often can take quite some work. E-commerce web design provided by The Cardiff Graphic Designer is perfect for those that are in need of a little guidance, we will consult with you on what you require, but then also advise you on how best to package that for it to become more appropriate for your target audience.

Medium Business Website

This is were aesthetics meets value, now your website and branding may be engaging but once you have peoples attention what are you going to do with it ? You need to ensure that you give some value to your clients, wether it be a mortgage calculator or an online booking system providing your website users with more reason to visit your website is absolutely vital for a websites success. Websites that purely talk about themselves will receive lower footfall because they simply have no need for your website. Have our Head Creative consult you on your Medium Business Website so that we can ensure you and your clients get the most out of your website. For Medium Business Web Design please visit The Cardiff Graphic Designer.

Small Business Web Design

You could easily argue that smaller establishments need Web Design Cardiff more than other businesses because they simply are much less known as initially your brand awareness will be close to 0. Contact The Cardiff Graphic Designer today and we will ensure that people can discover your brand online and that they can also find your business online. It will help drive customers to your website, help raise brand awareness and get your business its initial grip on the local public.

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The Importance of High Quality Branding


High-quality branding is an important part of any business regardless of the size. While having, a great logo designed by a graphic designer and a stunning responsive website built by a web designer should be very important aspects of your branding strategy, it’s vitally important you look at the bigger picture.

Your brand is the way your customers perceive you. It’s the overall experience they receive. From high-quality sales literature to the way you answer the phone during their first contact with your business and even the way you communicate via your social media channels.

High-quality branding is fundamental and essential yet can be very basic. It can position your company as lifelong partners of your customers and clients and help you really distinguish yourself as the authority in a particular marketplace.

In this article, we examine six reasons why high-quality branding is important to any business:

Be Memorable

High-quality branding in the form of your logo, literature and web design can help make your business really stand out from the crowd. It should be instantly recognizable in colour, feel, font and design which will ensure you are remembered and customers feel confident enough to buy your products or hire your services.

Tell A Story

Both your visual branding and the way you communicate with your customers should tell a story. This story should be of a reputable company that supplies or delivers quality goods and services and one which is willing to invest in the development of their staff and visual elements.

Provide Motivation

It’s important that all your employees are motivated. They are the key to your success and need to buy into what you are trying to achieve. Investment in high-quality branding will teach them how to act and what your company stands for. Failing to invest will give the impression of a company that doesn’t care, with the danger they will adopt this mentality during their working days.


If your branding is of high quality consistently, customers will not only trust your business but know what to expect. If you consider the Premier Inn hotel chain, the branding and experience tell the story of an affordable, comfortable room where customers can get a decent cooked breakfast served by friendly staff. Wherever you stay in the UK you instantly recognize their hotels and are guaranteed a similar room and the same level of service.

Grab Your Customers Attention

Your website and printed material are often the customer’s introduction to your business. High-quality branding will likely grab perspective customer’s attention and make them want to find out more.

Generate New Customers

The most powerful form of advertising for any business is word of mouth and referrals. A high-quality brand creates an everlasting impression on people that want to share the positive experience they have had with your business.


The most successful and profitable companies across the world have all invested heavily in high-quality branding. This has enabled them to be instantly recognizable, stand out from the crowd and instill trust within their target market.

Branding is not something that should be overlooked, no matter the size of the business you own. We provide branding services to cater to all businesses and we want to help you showcase your business in the best light possible.

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Its not easy

While the design process flows and flourishes, there a more serious battle at hand in the heads of the designers. Striking the balance between answering the brief, keeping the client pleased and maintaining a high standard of design is not easy, and often one of these can loose out. We at The Cardiff Graphic Designer do our very best to do just that, maintaining the equilibrium of design strength and client requirements. We take into consideration that you have a vision in your head, we just try to show that in the best light possible so that it appeals to both the client and the end user. If the design team you use can't embody your vision in a way that can appeal to a great market then they are failing you.

There everywhere

Branding your business correctly is crucial to attracting customers, imagine you were going for an interview, you dress the part, comb your hair and straighten your tie. You’ve got five minutes to make a lasting impression and to sell yourself with as little conversation as possible.

That’s branding, now it’s not to say that a cheap logo is a bad logo, but imagine going into that interview without doing your homework. The proper consideration hasn’t gone into it and it’s going to leave you short at the final hurdle.

That logo that you didn’t invest in properly is now going to have the opposite effect, it’s discouraging your clients and they don’t like the first impression and you’ve lost the opportunity.

Invest in your brand properly so that it makes you money rather than looses you money.

Jonny O’Rourke

Head Creative

The Cardiff Graphic Designer

Don't Be Fooled

Branding your business correctly is crucial to attracting customers, imagine you were going for an interview, you dress the part, comb your hair and straighten your tie. You've got five minutes to make a lasting impression and to sell yourself with as little conversation as possible.

That's branding, now it's not to say that a cheap logo is a bad logo, but imagine going into that interview without doing your homework. The proper consideration hasn't gone into it and it's going to leave you short at the final hurdle.

That logo that you didn't invest in properly is now going to have the opposite effect, it's discouraging your clients and they don't like the first impression and you've lost the opportunity.

Invest in your brand properly so that it makes you money rather than looses you money.

Jonny O'Rourke

Head Creative

The Cardiff Graphic Designer

Thanks to the guys at The Cardiff Graphic Designer, my site looks really good and the logo has made more people use our services

The Cardiff Graphic Designer have really understood the business and we could not be happier with our website and logo